STARKE Leather Co.

Simply Exquisite

The Story of STARKE

One day we thought, “How can we help people to look good and feel good at the same time?” and we haven’t stopped thinking ever since.
Starke was born not long ago, it initially started as a passion but now we are sharing what we love the most with the world. Now that our creations are made public, it is molded as we had intended. Our designs are purposed to give you the confidence and liberation to be free of worry. We believe that look and effort works in tandem, but we also understand that not everybody has the time nor energy to do so, hence we are doing it for you.
The products we’ve made are held by high standards and with the exponential growth of the fashion industry, excellence is a must. Every bag, clutch, wallet, everything has been made with personal diligence. All that we have produced are made with high quality materials. Although we want to serve you fashion, we also strive for something that is sustainable for the public, and we are very proud of our ethical resourcing.
Like everybody else, we started small and now, half a decade later we are available worldwide. We are fortunate enough to be granted the opportunities that were presented and now we plan to branch out and expand furthermore aiming to be on par with the world’s finest.
Our mission is to provide the exquisite things in life effortlessly whilst connecting communities together as we go.
We have been doing this circa 2015 and we are still doing it now.
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