How can we help you? 

Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

When was Starke established?
Starke established in 2015 in Indonesia.
Where I can buy Starke product?
We have third-party store in Jakarta (Pasaraya Store and Locals Trunk), Bandung (Toko Kopi Djawa), Bali (Voordurend and SVTD), and Singapore. Click here for detail location.
Do I need to create an account?
To serve you better, we require you to create an account. With an account, you’ll be able to enjoy some benefit such as track your order faster, check your order history, and get exclusive discount.
How to order Starke product?
Choose your product, choose your packaging, fill in shipping information, choose your shipping method, choose your payment method, and be part of our journey.
What form of online payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept credit card (Visa/Master Card), Direct Bank Transfer, Debit card, Go-pay, and PayPal.
Which country do you ship currently?
Starke ships to Indonesia and worldwide. Good news for every international order, we offer you free shipping without minimum purchase.
How long will the shipping take after we place an order?
Your order will be shipped promptly within 1 business day.
How do I use the voucher?
As you place your order, you will choose your payment method. You will see an option “Have a Coupon?”.
How will I know if Starke receive my order?
As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email about your order detail. The email is a notification that your order has been received.
How do I track my order?
You can click “Order” menu in your account, then click “View”.
How to care for leather?
Don’t over stuff, don’t sit on them, apply mink oil regularly, and avoid using baby wipe. If you see any crack, rub a leather cream or solution designed to provide moisture. We recommend you go with an all-natural product that won’t mess up the vegetable dye. Apply a small amount with a lint-free cloth. Product should not be exposed to more than minor splashes of water or chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products. If your leather product got wet, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature, making sure that your wallet is in its original shape.
Is there any warranty for Starke product?
Yes. Starke offer you a life-time limited warranty. Please read about warranty and how to claim above.
Need to repair Starke product?
Contact us through email, our customer service will provide further instruction.
Do Starke accept customize order for corporate gift or wedding souvenir?
Yes. We do accept customize order with minimum quantity.