Why Leather?

stack of leather which have been our pile of inspiration
Stack of leather

Since ancient times, leather has been used for a very long time for various purposes. People use leather to protect themselves from heat, cold, or chemical. Today, leather has such a wide range of usage in many industry such as fashion industry, automobile industry, furniture industry, etc. You name it.

Leather has its own quality that makes it stands out among other materials. Leather resistant from extreme condition. Also with a little procedure, you can form it as you want. We are talking about durability and flexibility there. No wonder it takes high investment in the beginning for leather product because it gives quality like no other materials.

When you see leather, chances are either you tempted to smell it or touch it. Leather has broad option in color which can spoil your eyes. Leather also has splendid smell. The texture, softness, and elasticity make it one of the most luxurious material. However, it requires a perfect balance of good concept and good craftsmanship to create a timeless leather product.

Leather gets better with age. The longer you use the product, the more it shows its own characteristic. In fact, leather has some kind of memory. You can tell a lot from the color-changing and the shape of the product.


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