Top 5 Things Gentlemen Should Have in Their Pocket

1/5 Leather Wallet

Say no more, wallet by far is the most essential item for man to carry money, cards, etc. Just keep things simple by choosing a slim leather wallet.

2/5 Handphone

These days it is impossible to not have a phone. It makes your life a lot easier. Most people feel naked to go out without their phone.

3/5 Comb

A great day start with a great hair. Just so you know a great hair doesn’t happen by itself. Of course you need a comb make sure you can maintain that stunning look. Pocket-sized comb would be perfect for your limited-space in your pocket.



Carrying handkerchief these days maybe make you sound like you’re an old man. Some women said there’s something about handkerchief that can take man’s charismatic impression out. You can use it to clean your glasses, wipe your sweat, or to make it a little bit romantic, you can shed a tear from a crying woman.

5/5 Pen

Chances are you might need it sometime in a day to write something important like number, notes, or ideas. You maybe think that it is unnecessary. But you’ll realize when that moment hits you.


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